Awards History

Awards were brought back to Festival in 2015 to recognize outstanding achievement in any given year.  Adjudicators are free to recognize anyone or anything that they feel deserves extra merit.  Below are the records since 2015.


Performance Awards

Outstanding Musicianship from Renert School -Ben R and Sumair S

Outstanding Achievement in Acting from E.P. Scarlett – Sydney I

Outstanding Achievement in Acting from Bishop Carroll – Griffin K

Outstanding Achievement in Acting from St Francis- the duo Kaelin G and Ben B

Outstanding Achievement in Acting from Notre Dame – Amber H

Outstanding Original Theatre Creation – Camp Dief: Summer of 1999 from Diefenbaker

Outstanding Ensemble – Among Friends & Clutter from Joane Cardinal-Schubert High School

Outstanding EnsembleMidnight Caller from Centennial High School

Technical Awards

Outstanding Stage Manager from Centennial – Bethany H

Outstanding Assistant Stage Manager from St Francis-Salem W

Outstanding Lighting Design– from St Francis – Jared S

Outstanding Lighting Operator from Notre Dame – Kalem P

Outstanding Sound Operator from St Francis – Jacob B

Outstanding Overall Technical Achievement – Radium Girls from Bishop Carroll

Outstanding Team Work – Notre Dame



Assistant Stage Management: Morgan H  (EP Scarlett “Einstein’s Dreams”)

Stage Management: Carson S (EP Scarlett “Einstein’s Dreams”)

Costume Design: Sonia G and Naioka Br (Centennial “Women and War”)

Production Design: John J (Centennial “Women and War”)

Supporting Actor: Christina N (John G. Diefenbaker “How the Vote Was Won”)

Individual Actor: Kate C (Crescent Heights “The Murder of Barnaby Hall”)

Small Cast: St. Francis “Shady Meadows”

Ensemble: West Island College “The Irremediable Heart is a Satellite”

Ensemble: William Aberhart “Games”

Original Comedy Creation: Crescent Heights “The Murder of Barnaby Hall”



Alisha B  Centennial HS                       acting (supporting)

Lauren B Centennial HS                  acting (supporting)

Sydney H Dr. E.P. Scarlett HS                     acting (supporting)

Tyrone C  Lord beaverbrook HS          acting (supporting)

Jenesis S Lord Beaverbrook HS             acting (supporting)

Ellie ESt. Francis HS                                 acting (drama)

Angel L Dr. E.P. Scarlett HS                             acting (drama)

Thomas F  Crescent Heights HS               acting (comedy)

The Cast of 15 Minute Hamlet  William Aberhart HS  Best Ensemble (Comedy)

The Cast of Exploder Western Canada HS                       Best ensemble (drama)

Kyle C  Dr E.P Scarlett HS                                                sound design

Crescent Heights HS Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone?  exceptional design element

Centennial HS  The Actor’s Nightmare                                execution of special effects

William Aberhart HS  The Fifteen Minute Hamlet          costume design

St. Francis HS  Dark road                                                        setting the mood

Simon F Western Canada HS                                            excellence in stage management

Lord Beaverbrook HS   The Feud Court                             production design execution

Western Canada HS  Exploder                                              backstage choreography

Centennial HS  The Actor’s Nightmare                                 backstage choreography



Bill X  William Aberhart High School                                                      light operator

Anna M Henry Wisewood High School                                     make-up design

Ashley D  Henry Wisewood High School                                     make-up design

Rachel P Henry Wisewood High School                                   costume design

Brayden F  Dr. E.P  Scarlett High School                                   sound design

Crescent Heights High School I Never Saw Another Butterfly        set design 

Annie P Crescent Heights High School                                         musician/singer

Hanna L  Crescent Heights High School                                                stage management

David Y and Coan R  Dr. E.P  Scarlett High School                comedic duo

Emily L  William Aberhart High School                                            acting (supporting)

Sierra M  Centennial High School                                                   acting

William Aberhart High School  …and others                                        ensemble work

Dr. E.P  Scarlett High School   The Real Inspector Hound                 best comedy

Centennial High School  Albertine In Five Times                                  best drama

Crescent Heights High School I Never Saw Another Butterfly          best cross disciplinary                                                                                                                                         creation ensemble

 AWARDS 2015

Special recognition Tech Pair         Camille F/Tauran W     William Aberhart HS

outstanding ensemble                       Tongues                                                   William Aberhart HS

outstanding duo                                   Joanna H/Todd S                  Henry Wisewood HS

mvp stage management                    Belanna I                           Centennial HS

outstanding overall production    truth and reconciliation                     Dr. E.P. Scarlett HS

special recognition in acting           Josh M                                  Bishop Carroll HS

Lighting technician recognition    Zach B                                                St. Francis HS