Studio Production History

The festival has been around since the 1960’s, and we’ve done a lot of shows since then!  Here’s an  record of the Studio productions going way back to 2014.


Studio Adjudicator:  Mike Tan

Name of School Name of Play Director Name of Playwright
Bishop Carroll High School The Tree Christian Daly Christian Daly
Bishop Carroll High School Hopefully Augusta Landry Augusta Landry
Bishop O’Byrne Love Lock Shamaya Kilback, Rucell Voloso and Amanda Berrigan Shamaya Kilback, Rucell Voloso and Amanda Berrigan
Bishop O’Byrne Sixth Grade Sleepover Ben McLuskey Ben McLuskey
Centennial High School Roulette Liam Purcell Douglas Hill
Central Memorial High School WASP Mya Welsh & Nathan Doll Steve Martin
Crescent Heights High School Cheap Drinks Mira Harvey Mira Harvey
Dr. EP Scarlett High School This Play is Called Nothing Alexis Bradley & Zach Friesen Zach Friesen
Dr. EP Scarlett High School Knights at the Dinner Table Kyle Clark & Cassie Rewucki Sydney Irvine
Ernest Manning High School A Kindergarten Fight For Love Spencer Mielke Studio C, adapted by Spencer Mielke
Henry Wise Wood High School When Opportunity Calls Hadya Azeem Sarah D’Amico
John G Diefenbaker Time of Death Chelsea Brewer Chelsea Brewer
Lord Beaverbrook An Extremely Normal Hillbilly Family Kaley Newman Mira Hills
Nelson Mandela High School Rewrite Sunny Parmar, Omer Badri & Karisma Hirji Sunny Parmar, Omer Badri & Karisma Hirji
Queen Elizabeth High School Perfection Ben Gaudet Connor Fairweather
Robert Thirsk High School Operation Iceberg Rhys Blake & Anna Johnson

Rhys Blake

Sir Winston Churchill Lost Gift Chelsea Howell-Fellows

The Ensemble

William Aberhart High School Guppies Meagan Schneider

Clem Martini


Studio Adjudicator:  Braden Griffiths

Name of School Name of Play Director Name of Playwright
Bishop Carroll High School Where the Hell Are We? Christy Thompson Christy Thompson
Henry Wise Wood High School Beached Breanna Mullaney & Hadya Azeem Bernie Deleo Adapted by: Breanna Mullaney & Hadya Azeem
St Francis Sure Thing Olivia Gunther & Amelia Otero David Ives
St. Francis The Phillidelphia Alexis Wignaraja & Ellie Enderl David Ives
Crescent Heights High School Going Kaley Wroblewsky Davinder Malhi
Dr. E.P. Scarlett Spy-KEA Tyler Livingston Sydney Hunt
Lord Beaverbrook High School Horrors On Valentine’s Day Tiffany Martin Mira Hills
William Aberhart High School Am I Blue Caitlin Young Beth Henley
William Aberhart High School I Never Sang For My Father Branden Sugden Robert Anderson
Ernest Manning High School Overthinking Matthew Curry, Saad Sheilk and Wyatt Teigen Matthew Curry, Saad Sheilk and Wyatt Teigen
Queen Elizabeth High School Zach and Tim: Guardians of the Underworld Eden Middleton Sage Miller
Queen Elizabeth High School Devil’s Been Talkin’ Yousuf Al-Ebodi Anne Salkeld
Crescent Heights High School No More Mister Nice Guy Mac Wood Jonathan Rand
EP Scarlett La Nina Louise Cameron and Angel Lo Sarah Cawkwell
Bishop O’Byrne High School I Remember Mishelle Lakatos, Nicole Dabrowski, Kira Gaw, Dayle Feser Kira Gaw, Dayle Feser, Mishelle Lakatos


Studio Adjudicator: Charles Netto

Name of School Name of Play Name of Director Playwright
Lord Beaverbrook Aviva Sam Lindsay Hana Mason
Bishop O’Byrne Wish You Were Here Lloyd Caday, Jeneva Umaming, Mackenzie Schnurr Lloyd Caday, Jeneva Umaming, Mackenzie Schnurr
Bishop O’Byrne Brought To Light Adam Karczmarczyk, Chase Tomanik Adam Karczmarczyk Chase Tomanik
Dr. E.P. Scarlett Dogs Aren’t Welcome in Heaven Genesis Vega, Eylem Sesen Emily Thomas
Bishop Carroll Behind Enemy Lines Samantha Cotè and Paige Prystupa Samantha Cotè and Paige Prystupa
Centennial Tonight You Belong To Me Lauren Hogg Lauren Hogg
St Francis Family Meeting Kyle Kubicek Don Zolidis
Lester B Pearson The Dating GAme Lesha Vescio Max Gracie
Crescent Heights High School Counting to Three Fiona Caine Joe Anson
John G. Diefenbaker We Can’t Be Friends Noah Worobets Noah Worobets
William Aberhart Security Curtis Wilson Curtis Wilson
Notre Dame The Voyageurs and the Bear / LeVoyageurs Et L’Ours Taylor Sandercock Eric Ferguson
Notre Dame The Better to Stalk You With, My Dear Olivia Funkhouser Peg Kehret
Sir Winston Churchill Chaos Ensemble Collective Creation
Father Lacombe Life choices Timothy Curtis Timothy Curtis
Henry Wisewood Progression Wesley Pearson John Patrick


Studio Adjudicator: Karen Johnson-Diamond

Name of School , Name of Director Playwright
Henry Wise Wood 4 A.M. (Open All Night) Francyne Morrison Bob Krakower
Bishop Carroll Alienated Love Anna Toneguzzi Anna Toneguzzi
Bishop O’Byrne High School L’s Revenge Christopher Driscoll Christopher Driscoll Michael Kim
Centennial Take Your Kid to Work Day Tyler L’Heureux Laurie Allen
Crescent Heights High School Comatose Paul Vanhoutteghem Paul Vanhoutteghem
Dr EP SCarlett Family Matters Rhiannon Leslie Rhiannon Perry
Father Lacombe Rich, Bloody Pam Rodgers and Jarod Pam Rodgers and Jarod Aguilar
John G. Diefenbaker The Four Hags of the Apocalypse Eat Salad at Their General Meeting Alyssa Latimer Lindsay Price
Lester B Pearson   Shae Bailey Erick Diaz
Lord Beaverbrook Speak For Yourslef Erika Rogstad Alannah Wudrick
Lord Beaverbrook Royal Pain Kathleen Doig Cole Pryor
Notre Dame High School Forever Dean Cordero Deaniel Cordero
Sir Winston Churchill Jumping the Wind Vienna Kunnas Tara Meddaugh
St. Francis The Worker Mr. Joe Rino Walter Wykes
Western Canada High School Stretch Marks Student Collective Creation Victoria Hall, Taylor Young, Michaela Friedland, Bonnie Wearmouth, Rachel Blomfield, Haneen Ghebari, Emma Jones


Studio Adjudicator: Laurel Green

Name of School Name of Play Name of Director Playwright
Bishop Carroll Mixed Signals Madison Lymer Madison Lymer
Bishop McNally Horror Night at the Henderson’s Keanna Sollid Keanna Sollid
Bishop O’Byrne One Accident Too Many Stephanie Plouffe Stephanie Plouffe
Bishop O’Byrne Mindset Cherubim Salubre Cherubim Salubre
Centennial Traveller in the dark Reanna Butler Alex Broun
Centennial The Shape of a Girl Belanna Internoscia Joan MacLeod
Crescent Heights High School The Lottery “Winner” Zach Holden Zach Holden
Crescent Heights High School The Rainbow Union Kosta Diochnos Kosta Diochnos
Dr. E.P. Scarlett What Are The Chances Alycia McKitrick Abbey Leach & Hayley Bowling
John G. Diefenbaker A Dozen Roses Summer Morgan // Assistant Director: Athina Paquin Lucy Zang
Lord Beaverbrook No News is Bad News Holly Hamilton Holly Hamilton
Notre Dame The Rescue Makhaila Reuben Makhaila Reuben
Queen Elizabeth Dimensions NIcola Wanless Sonia Jarmula
Queen Elizabeth Mice-keteers & Zombies Ryan Edie Nicola Wanless
Sir Winston Churchill April Showers Rahul Arora Philip Slater
St Francis Scantily -Clad Brad Maggie Geis Maggie Geis
Dr EP Scarlett La Mouche Sergio Montanez and Lourdes Morand Stephen Bittrich