Main Stage

Main Stage is the longer-format category for productions at Festival.

If you’re thinking about this category, there are certain requirements which have to be met by your school.

First, Main Stage shows must be at least 20 minutes long.  However, there’s also a time limit.  If you’re bringing a Main Stage show to Festival, make sure it’s no longer than 50 minutes.  This is something we take seriously.  One of the productions in 2010 went over the limit and was shut down before it finished.  This isn’t about being a time cop just to enforce a rule.  Just like with Studio, this is a Golden Rule situation.  You’d be frustrated if another school ignored the time rules, so don’t do that to another school.

Second, unlike Studio, Main Stage shows have to be teacher-directed.  If you’re a student director, we encourage you to focus your energy on Studio pieces.

Third, your Main Stage show must be presented at your school before it comes to Festival.  We want to see polished productions.  After all, Main Stage shows are presented in the evening, not during “school hours”.  Anyone coming to see your show is coming on their own time, because they want to support you, your school and/or the Calgary theatre scene.  Why not give them your best, most prepared work?

Fourth, the fee for Main Stage is $300.00 due the previous September to accommodate planning. It is non-refundable as of the January meeting. And that’s it as far as OFFICIAL REQUIREMENTS.

Main Stage shows can be plays, musicals, collective creations, adaptations, or performance art pieces.  If your piece can say “Yes” to the three qualifications listed above, you’re good to go.