Studio is the shorter-format category for productions at Festival.

As with Main Stage, there are certain requirements that must be met.

First, there is both a minimum and maximum length for shows.  In Studio, shows must be at least 5 minutes long but no longer than 15 minutes.  If the production you’re working on is going to end up longer than 15 minutes, you should start looking at Main Stage.  Just like with Main Stage, the time restrictions have to do with respect for your fellow theatre artists.  This is a Golden Rule situation.  You’d be frustrated if another school was breaking the time rules, so don’t do that to another school.

Second, unlike Main Stage, Studio productions can be either student or teacher-directed.  Part of what makes the Studio atmosphere so cool is that pretty much everything is done by the students.  This isn’t to say that a teacher-directed Studio piece won’t be accepted.  There are some amazing pieces of theatre that just happen to be short and there’s nothing wrong with involving a teacher.  However, for Festival rookies, you should know that the majority of Studio pieces are student-directed.

Third, your Studio production must be performed at your school before coming to Festival.  The CHSDF is a place to showcase your work.  As mentioned above, theatre doesn’t have to be long to be great.  We want to see polished pieces.  Plus, you want to have that performance experience in front of the home crowd.  Not only will it remind you that your show is worthy of sharing with the public, you might discover those one or two adjustments you need to make to take your Festival performances from good to awesome.

Fourth, the fee for Studio is $100.00 per show. This is due at the January meeting and is non-refundable.

While Studio productions must be finished pieces, there is no restriction in terms of format.  Play, musical, improv, collective creation, movement piece, adaptation… all of these are acceptable.  In fact, many Studio productions are student-written.  There is a lot of great writing talent in Calgary high schools.  Here is the opportunity to get your school’s writers recognized.